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We are trumatics technology professionals, a team that loves big disruptive ideas that transforms how people interact, learn and empower. We put technology to work to achieve deeper insights and intelligence for the most pressing challenges. We believe in simple, inclusive, flexible and powerful solutions that's elegant and easy to use.



Data Science

"Real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

- Marcel Proust.


"Reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better."

- Don Tapscott

Rapid Apps

"We see in order to move; we move in order to see."

- William Gibson

Case Studies


A leading global manufacturing and distributing company deals with a wide variety of telecom products in over 55 countries. Aiming at keeping their supply chain cost effective and efficient they were looking to find ways:

  • To track and measure and gain insights into the performance of its entire portfolio of brands.
  • To predict market behaviors and devise plans to address and mitigate changes.
  • To enable to strengthen its revenue management function and make prudent business decisions.

What we did:

Trumatics is engaged in making their sales predictions automatic via machine learning. The current predictions involves crunching of many years of market absorption data for hundreds of products for projecting predictions for a specific period using in-house and external impacting data. The system is learning the market dynamics and also gets to know the patterns in which organization predicts the sales, it also corrects its own errors with actual sales numbers. Equipped with the current analytics platform as the base, the telecom company is moving into research where it analyzes new groups of products, open pricing strategy and markets for the future.

What we achieved:

  • The future price prediction system has helped the key accounts to shed at least 30% of their work load as it’s now automated.
  • The benefit of reduced work and time has enabled their managers to concentrate on other areas like marketing to improve sales.
  • It has enabled the top management to ask questions like what if this happens in future, and thus they can better plan for upcoming events.


A leading chain of restaurants interested in achieving the following objectives using their historical data

  • Reduce the operational costs while retaining key revenue factors.
  • Reduce employee load and increase productivity.
  • To have better supply chain and vendor operations.
  • To monitor and manage customer loyalty and products quality.

What we did:

Menu Engineering was done. While we analyzed the menu along with sales, we were surprised to find out that more than 60% of the dishes had no or negligible sales. These dishes were slashed off the menu so that the kitchen can concentrate on what gets really sold.

Demand Vs Time was analyzed and we found out that in certain days of the week the sales were low, hence some offers could be given to increase it and / or employees could be encouraged to take off on those days. We found similar pattern for certain months too.

Demand Vs Season was analyzed to see which dishes sold during which season, this helped them in keeping the right amount of stock, thus making their supply chain more efficient.

Customer Details along with bill were collected, loyal customers were spotted and rewards were generated automatically as discounts.

Our analysis revealed that some units / restaurants generated more revenue for given investment. Meaning, their Revenue Generation Index (RGI) were way above others. So the management was asked to look into what made certain units efficient than others and replicate them to improve their returns.

What we achieved:

  • We achieved increased in revenue by 12 - 15%.
  • Decrease in operation cost was at least 8%.
  • Employee attrition rate reduced greatly.





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