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A leading global manufacturing and distributing company deals with a wide variety of telecom products in over 55 countries. Aiming at keeping their supply chain cost effective and efficient they were looking to find ways to automate and scale.


To track, measure and gain insights into the performance of its entire portfolio of brands, predict market behaviors and devise plans to address and mitigate changes, enable to strengthen its revenue management function and make prudent business decisions.

What we did:

Trumatics was engaged in making their sales predictions. The current predictions involves crunching many years of market absorption data for hundreds of products for projecting predictions for a specific period using in-house and external impacting data. The system learns market dynamics and also gets to know the patterns in which organization predicts the sales, it also corrects its own deviations with actual sales. Equipped with the current analytics platform as the base, the telecom company is moving into research where it analyzes new groups of products, open pricing strategy and markets for the future.

What was achieved:

The future price prediction system has helped the key accounts to shed at least 30% of their workload as it’s now automated. The benefits of reduced work and time has enabled their managers to concentrate on core functions like marketing to improve sales. It has enabled the management to work with “WHAT IF” scenarios, which helps them in real and perceived situations.

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