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B2B Supply Chain


To build a platform that will help industries and governments scale complex supply chains and extend businesses the tool sets necessary to close their supply chain loop.

What we did:

ORMS is on the front line when it comes to supporting order management in the system. ORMS interfaces with customers to confirm order details and manages every step including Order Creation, Assigning Price Books, Creating Sales Order and Allocating Inventory. Once inventory is allocated, a Pick List is automatically generated for the Warehouse Team to fill the order. ORMS has visibility into inventory availability and other features include Warehousing, Distribution, E-Commerce, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

What was achieved:

The product is differentiated in its data architecture and mapping of complex operational functions and data flows. Many competitors treat the tools required to manage distribution as an “add-on” module. We believe distribution is core to every business and build tools focused on solving problems for managing a vertically integrated supply chain.

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