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Reduce the operational costs while retaining key revenue factors. Gain better control of finances, asset management, and procurement for one or multiple properties.


To Streamline skills load and increase productivity, Implement better supply chain and vendor operations and to monitor and manage customer loyalty and product quality.

What we did:

Menu Engineering : Analysis of the menu with consumption revealed surprising results. Though it did not reveal 80-20 pareto principle strictly it singled out menus that had no or negligible sales. Demand Vs Time was analyzed and we found out that on certain days of the week the sales were low, hence some offers could be given to increase it and / or employees could be encouraged to take off on those days. We found a similar pattern for certain months too. Demand Vs Season was analyzed to see which dishes sold during which season, this helped them in keeping the right amount of stock, thus making their supply chain more efficient. Customer Details along with bill were collected, loyal customers were spotted and rewards were generated automatically as discounts. Our analysis revealed that some units / restaurants generated more revenue for given investment. Meaning, their Revenue Generation Index (RGI) was way above others, triggering the management to employ cross-learning activities that lead to better results.

What was achieved:

Menu Engineering simplified the overall menu leading to a definite set of raw materials and ingredients. The Inventory management and loss due perishing and mis-handling was reduced by 15-20%.

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